Cannibal Club

Cannibal Club – Something Old, Something New.

The website is being talked about all over reddit and other forum sites, and mostly brushed off as satire. Snopes calls it a hoax (😂) and mainstream websites laugh this off as an obvious farce. Many refute the validity and even the existence of the elite Cannibal Club restaurant in L.A., however, the reality is that this club derived from a very real thing, and we know there is a longstanding conspiracy of the Hollywood elite and Cannibalism, amongst other atrocities.Rumors have floated around that A Listers like Meryl Streep, Chelsea Clinton, CNN’S Anderson Cooper, and Katy Perry are members and regular diners. Katy Perry herself once reportedly said “Cannibalism is more popular than you think!” and “Human meat is the best meat!” The restaurant also reportedly has a secret and very tough vetting process before allowing membership.There website boasts a haunting menu of dishes prepared with human organs and flesh. Their descriptions on their website will make the hair on your arms stand up. They even have entertainment for their elite Cannibal society guests. Diamanda Galas has reportedly performed at their events for the last 6 years and has been reviewed as “capable of the most unnerving local terror”So is it bullshit or is it real?What we DO know is that there are in fact more cannibalistic societies, throughout history, all over the world that practice this, and while maybe not a physical restaurant specifically, it absolutely exists as a real “club”, documented in history. The original Cannibal Club was created in 1863 by Sir Francis Button, and boasted elite bureaucratics, fringe anthropologists and members of all walks free of judgement, even cannibals. Burton’s brother-in-law and father-in-law attended the club’s meetings which he facetiously referred to as “orgies.”The Cannibal Cathechism — written by Swinburne for the club — as well as the club’s membership, suggest that the dinners served as an opportunity for renowned radicals and social misfits to air their views: “The Cannibal Club was much more than a meeting place for homosocial merriment; it was in fact a venue for venting what were considered at the time subversive opinions about religion, race, sex, and much more.” however knowing what we know today about the community of elites accused of pedophilia and Cannibalism amongst other horrors, does it seem so far fetched that it may be a thing, and right in front of us?Meetings were said to have taken place in the back room of famed restaurant of the time, Bertolini’s. “Bertolini’s restaurant was cheap, but charming: perfect for the creatures who roamed 19th-century London after the sun went down. On Tuesday nights, in Bertolini’s backroom, respected judges and doctors, esteemed lawyers, admired politicians and award-winning poets and writers drank heavily, smoked cigars and secretly discussed what they thought they knew of the British colonies, more specifically polygamy, bestiality, phallic worship, female circumcision, ritual murder, savage fetishes and island cannibalism. The gentlemen would trade in exotic pornography and tales of flogging and prostitution. If, by chance, a pious, God-fearing bloke were to accidentally stumble into the Fleet Street backroom on a Tuesday night, the tips of his Victorian mustache would turn on end”It has even appeared to have been somewhat erased and minimized in documents over time because The Anthropologist Society viewed them and the tales of their meetings and the rumors of what they participate in, to be so horrendous and they didn’t want any association with that. After some time it was considered a shameful part of history and its existence in books and literature dwindled and disappeared. Did it die off, or just become more secret? Is the website bloody satire for the group that still very much exists? We know the freemason and like to put things right under our noses such as symbolism, and events, and we either laugh it off or miss it altogether.It appears there are no precise laws against cannibalism in America, but there are other laws of body desecration and murder that this practice might be violating.

Cannibalism is the nonconsensual consumption of another human’s body matter. In the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but the act of cannibalism would probably violate laws against murder and against desecration of corpses.I’ll also add that some of the staff show up in research as stock photos, but I have found several companies listed for the same photos as owners of the stock so who knows. Realistically it’s easy to place stock watermarks on images. Sophie Lafitte is a real person though, I think. The more I look up the original club, the more it seems like it would be very big today, just under new reign and new name. The website may or may not be satire, but The Cannibal Club may very well exist.